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Are you wearing an invisible suit of armour?

We can create for ourselves veritable suits of armour that we think protect us from the world around us. This suit of armour that is first created mentally and emotionally, through insecurity, feeling unsafe, frustration, inability or unwillingness to let go of grievances etc, becomes physical, like a hard shell around the body.

The job of the deep tissue massage therapist is to gently encourage, layer by layer, this suit of armour to be discarded. At least temporarily.

Clients then feel a new sense of ease and well-being. A very real and positive sense of upliftment can be felt to occur. What a wonderful release it feels to lay down this heavy armour!

Through lengthening, softening, holding, stretching and kneeding of the soft tissue the miracle of well-being can be restored to the client again. Just a little willingness to let-go is required and a caring and sensitive massage therapist to help you to do so.

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Sports Massage Swindon
Graham Pritchard LCSP (phys)
Professional sports massage therapist since 1998

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