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Who can Sports Massage help?

Many of my customers have tried just about every alternative and traditional therapy before they come to see me.

There is a general misunderstanding among many people that massage therapy is good but not really good enough to treat, let us say, chronic back problems etc.

Is it true? It is true that some therapists specialise in treating certain conditions. It is also true that some therapists are really good at naming conditions, and for some people, as extraordinary as this sounds, this is sufficient. At least temporarily. People can then say I have such and such a complaint as so and so has informed me and for a time this is a progression in their understanding of their condition. However, knowing that you are hungry is not the same as being fed with genuine food.

It is true that some people are beyond short-term help. They have spent a lifetime of abuse and are looking, unrealistically, for someone, in one session, to completely alleviate whatever problems they are suffering with.

So who can be helped? The best patients still have some belief that help is possible. The best patients are also pro-active, they have a healthy interest in self-recovery and assist the therapist with any exercise recommendations that he or she might give.

Good therapy is a kind of dance between patient and therapist.

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Sports Massage Swindon
Graham Pritchard LCSP (phys)
Professional sports massage therapist since 1998

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