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Client Testimonials


For many years I have suffered nagging, aching pain in my lower back and upper arm, the result of injuries caused through lifting.  Just over a year ago I found Graham.  After just a few treatments, the pain in my arm has gone, never to return and my back problem is very much better.  I can now sit comfortably in my armchair, something I haven't been able to do for many years.  The relief is wonderful.

O Rowlands (retired), Covingham, Swindon.


I had a horse riding accident in Feb 98 where I broke my back and then in Sept 99 I was involved in a bus accident where I re-suffered my back injuries and also whip lash.  I had regular treatments with Graham, (once a week to once a fortnight) for the next few months. Each time I went, I came away with more pain-free movement. I can now enjoy activities such as KungFu, kickboxing, horse riding and cycling without pain.

S. Horsefield Pinehurst, Swindon


I'd been in some considerable pain for months due to a trapped nerve, which was affecting my Tae Kwon Do training. I couldn't do the things, which I wanted to do, which was causing me to lose the essential fitness, which I needed for my sport.  A session with Graham brought almost immediate relief and now I can perform to my own high standards.

R. Stephens, Old Town, Swindon


I came to Graham with what had become a severe sciatic-type problem with my leg. I had been to the hospital, seen doctors and had seen another therapist but the problem only got worse.

I just wanted to thank-you for the help you gave me then. Soon after the session the pain began to lesson and within 3 -4 weeks I was definately on the mend.  I have now been symptom free for over a year. I think that the problem would only have got worse and, perhaps, as one Doctor said, have become a "chronic condition".  I do feel that your treatment was the main factor in my recovery.  With thanks,

R. Streatham (Swindon)


Sports Massage Swindon
Graham Pritchard LCSP (phys)
Professional sports massage therapist since 1998

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