Invaluable Alternative Medicine

Therapeutic touch is one of the oldest and most trusted therapies available to mankind. Everyone intuitively knows this. Traditionally massage therapists worked hand in hand with doctors. Those days are returning. Many of my patients are recommended to me by physicians. This ancient and noble art that has survived the test of time is now resurfacing as a truly invaluable alternative medicine for modern man. A great Tai Chi master once told me: "Tai Chi is good but the most essential thing is massage." A recent study reported by the BBC states: Of 25 therapies, only a handful were judged to have enough medical evidence to support their use. These included acupuncture, massage, tai chi and yog

18 Years Later and Still Applying The Therapeutic Touch

Started work at the Health Hydro as a sports massage therapist over 18 years ago. It continues to be an extraordinary journey. Have worked with some lovely souls from all fields of endeavor in need of a therapeutic touch. Am more excited than ever about the benefits of deep tissue massage to assist the body in recovering from trauma and injury. What a great study and practice this is.

Who can Sports Massage help?

Many of my customers have tried just about every alternative and traditional therapy before they come to see me. There is a general misunderstanding among many people that massage therapy is good but not really good enough to treat, let us say, chronic back problems etc. Is it true? It is true that some therapists specialise in treating certain conditions. It is also true that some therapists are really good at naming conditions, and for some people, as extraordinary as this sounds, this is sufficient. At least temporarily. People can then say I have such and such a complaint as so and so has informed me and for a time this is a progression in their understanding of their condition. However,

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Sports Massage Swindon

Graham Pritchard LCSP (phys)

Professional sports massage therapist since 1998


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